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About .TAG  Recruitment

  • What we do: 

.TAG  Recruitment is a streamlined service that matches Jobseekers and Employers in the Finance and Accounting sector. We save you time and effort by finding the best fit for your skills, culture, and values.


  • How we do it: 

.TAG  Recruitment has extensive networks and a continuously updated database that allows us to identify potential matches quickly. We also build strong relationships with both Jobseekers and Employers to understand their needs and preferences.

  • Why we do it: 

.TAG  Recruitment was founded in 2021 by Tyson Galvin, who had a vision of a better way to service the recruitment industry. We are committed to providing high-quality, personalised recruitment services that make a difference.

Benefits of engaging .TAG  Recruitment

  • Industry Insights:

You benefit from our direct understanding of the current market, remuneration, and non-remuneration trends.

  • Quality Talent:

Access to high-calibre, passive talent through our extensive network, exponential database, and real relationships.

  • Tailored Matching:

We will not send a high volume of partially screened jobseekers to waste your time and money. We spend the time developing an understanding of our jobseeker's behavioural and technical skills to correctly match the right people to your team based on the market and your desired skills, culture, and work ethics.

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