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What We Do at TAG Recruitment

At TAG Recruitment, we're not just about filling positions; we're about forging meaningful connections in the Finance and Accounting sectors. Our approach is unique:

  • We streamline the recruitment journey, focusing on aligning your individual skills and values with an organisation that truly resonates with your aspirations.

  • With TAG Recruitment, it's more than a job match; it's about integrating into a culture where you can thrive and contribute significantly.


How We Achieve Success

Our success formula is straightforward yet effective:

  • TAG Recruitment boasts a broad, dynamic network and a sophisticated, constantly evolving database, ensuring we're always ahead of the curve.

  • We don't just match CVs with job descriptions. We delve deep, understanding every facet of a candidate's experience and an employer's need, ensuring a match that goes beyond the basics.

  • Our strength lies in our personal approach. We build genuine, empathetic relationships with both jobseekers and employers, understanding their unique stories and career ambitions.

Industry Insights

Stay at the forefront of your field with TAG Recruitment:

  • We offer direct insights into current market trends, including in-depth analysis of salaries and benefits.

  • Our knowledge is your power, equipping you with the information to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving Finance and Accounting sectors.


Tailored Matching:

  • We focus on quality over quantity. Our process avoids overwhelming you with unsuitable candidates.

  • By comprehensively understanding our jobseekers' behavioural and technical competencies, we ensure the perfect match for your team, tailored to the market and your specific requirements for skills, culture, and work ethic.

Tyson Galvin - Founder and Director

Our Founding Philosophy

When Tyson Galvin founded TAG Recruitment in 2021, it was more than starting a business; it was about changing the recruitment landscape.

  • Our commitment is unwavering: To provide superior, tailored recruitment experiences that don't just fill vacancies but create impactful, lasting relationships.

  • At the heart of TAG Recruitment is a desire to make a difference, understanding that the right placement will transform both an individual's career and an organisation's trajectory.

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